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Lotto Blues


The release of Jimi Hendrix's first album "Are You Experienced?" in 1967 was a momentous event in the composer's life. Himself an aspiring blues guitarist at the time, Brian considered the track entitled "Red House" (on the English edition) as the pinnacle of the genre - a display of taste, style and virtuosity unmatched to the present day. Hendrix became one of the composer's most important teachers and musical influences from that moment onward. Brian has moved far beyond the Blues in his musical journeys since then, into worlds where Jimi never traveled (but who knows where he might have gone had he lived longer). Nevertheless, the composer owes a great debt to the man who first showed him many new possibilities. "Lotto Blues" is a tribute to the life and music of the guru, a graduation thesis which hopefully demonstrates the worthiness of the disciple, and probably the composer's final farewell to this simple but elegant musical genre. Thank you Jimi.

I was born to wealth and privilege
Some folks say I'll never sing the blues
Yeah I'm white bred to the core baby
Some people say I ain't never gonna play the blues
But it's not 'bout where you came from
But rather how much you've had to lose

While all the geniuses mumble
The idiots they all just stand around and scream
Yeah while the humanists they all fumble
The idiots they all just stand around and scream
They want ecological Coca Cola
It's a capitalist's dream

I bought a lotto ticket from the man upstairs
But that don't mean we always get along
Yes I bought a lotto ticket from the Devil himself
But that don't mean things can't go wrong
'Cause even if I win the jackpot
I can't collect 'till I'm dead and gone