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Love Me Now


This song is shameless pop music. The work was inspired by the song "Hatasiz Kul Olmaz", written by the Turkish pop star/actor/singer/composer/virtuoso Orhan Gencebay. The composer's derived creation is saved from plagiarism by the fact that it offers new lyrics, a new harmonic structure and scales more familiar to the Western ear. "I can't even come close to singing as well as Gencebay can sing, especially his Turkish quarter tone ornamentations. But I had fun creating this song, and that (to me) is one of the most important reasons for doing it.

Love me sweetly like the angel that you are, lift my soul to the heavens up above
Forgive my sins let me wish upon a star, give me strength and the innocence of love

Love me purely 'till the well has run dry, love me forever like the stars in the sky
Love me truly may we never disavow, love me always, love me softly, love me now
Love me madly...

Love me scorching like the daemon that you are, burn my soul with the fire of desire
Whips and chains make it hard to get away, cast your spell, break my will to disobey

Love me howling 'till my seed has run dry, tease me cruelly 'till my spirit starts to fly
Love me wildly may we never disavow, love me crazy, love me raging, love me now
Love me screaming...

Only you can take me, take me higher to the hell of my desire
Only you can condemn me to my prayers and restrain me in you're snare
And release me from despair

Love me deeply like the woman that you are, teach my soul how to learn and how to dream
Make me complete and for you I'll do the same, stay beside me we'll flow together down the stream

Love me boldly 'till our time on earth is done, love me forever like the moon and the sun
Love me truly may we never disavow, love me madly, love me savagely, love me now
Love me deeply...