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Song of a Forgotten Gypsy for Guitar and Cello


This composition was neither planned nor anticipated, it simply erupted one morning from the creative wellspring of the universe, and in five hours is was 90% complete. The remaining 10% took about two weeks to find, polishing a cut stone into a finished jewel. It is dedicated to the composer's friend Enrique Morris, a talented composer in his own right as well as an accomplished guitarist and pianist.

"Homeless appears to be a dominant theme of all Gypsies everywhere" states the composer, "and in that particular moment I was feeling quite homeless. I hear my own sadness and longing in the adagio, but the middle 9/8 animato section also expresses confidence that one shall prevail over all of life's difficulties. Homelessness is also a kind of freedom."

Both the musical grammar of Andalucia Spain and the folk music of the United Kingdom can be heard in the harmonic structure of the work, sometimes blended.